This is a one hour class for children ages 8 years & up.  This is a BEGINNER level class. Strength, flexibility & agility are all major focus’s of our Fireworks class! Your child will learn, grow & advance all while having tons of FUN! Our goal is to have your child walk away from this class with the tools they need to advance to one of our PRE-TEAM or ADVANCED classes! Give us a call to set up a FREE TRIAL class!


This is also a 1 hour class for children ages 8 years & up. This is an INTERMEDIATE level class where children will still work on the basics & slowly start breaking into more advanced level skills! Your child will be introduced to new skills & gain the confidence they will need to be successful in this sport for the long term! This class is by evaluation ONLY! If you think your child is ready for the next step, give us a call & one of our instructors will evaluate him/her & be sure to place them accordingly!

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